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LaRimonta is the jewelry online that offers you
tailor made handcrafted jewelry, manufactured especially
for you by the goldsmiths of Valenza, the famous gold district
of excellence.

We are specialized in creating "just for you" TAILOR MADE JEWELRY:
Tell us how you imagine the jewel of your dreams and we will
turn your idea into unique and fine jewelry


Do you want to give a second life to the stones lying in the inherited
or gifted jewelry that you do not wear anymore? LaRimonta does that and
interprets them with new eyes: yours. Imagine your jewelry and have it transformed
by the skilled hands of the master goldsmiths of Valenza into a piece of personalized
jewelry rich in emotional value.

To choose LaRimonta is to choose the past and transform it into the future.


1. Send us your idea by filling out the form
and let our designers guide you to create your
custom-made jewel
2. Check that the proposed 3D modeling image
prepared just for you matches your original idea
3. Confirm the project and let the skilled hands
of master goldsmiths of Valenza give life to the
jewel of your dreams


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from some abandoned family stones to a beautiful glamour bracelet...

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