LaRimonta is a jewelery tailor who knows well the value of a custom jewel, thus giving life to many ideas and projects.

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is a delicate and powerful word.
It sounds good when
pronounced with elegance.

Jewel is something precious.
It really is, if


And so, we give life to the unrepeatable.
Many ideas,

many projects,

a unique result. Every time.

Ideas, projects, but also people.

Especially People.

Here's what you find in the tailor shop,
with me. For you.

A passion that was born with
the most beautiful stone from which we
start to build, everyday.
Our inspiration

carlo buttini

Carlo Buttini

Carlo is my dad. And there could not be any better luck in my life. In 1957 he was already a master craftsman in Valenza, which allowed him to represent the Valenzan jewelers at the Universal Expo in Brussels in 1958. The appointment is an historical one, because it is the first time for the jewelry of Valenza at an event of the kind, in the Atomium. In his more than sixty years of craftsmanship, Carlo has done many things: in 1970 he was co-founder and treasurer for 25 years of the Italian Gemmological Institute and from the 80's, Vice President of Orafa Valenzana Association and Chairman of the Finance Orafa Valenza , building the structure of the Mostra Orafa in Valenza. In 1972, however, with my mum, his life and work partner, he created his very high goldsmith company, arriving in 2011 with me, Gianluca and Fabio, to LaRimonta. And even today, all his knowledge is still the most precious thing we have: a point of reference we never give up, because every day is capable of contributing to each of the many different aspects that make up our daily work and design.

emanuela buttini