Dedicated Ring

Do you have a stanza, a verse, a poem, or a song you just want to share with your love?
Give this ring to the person who is really special to you.

ring black larimonta


Black over everything. Black is the ring in burnished gold that knows how to keep a secret. Because it brings it inside, within itself.

ring rose larimonta


Rose is the delight of pink gold, the one that gives such a soft color. Rose is the perfect gift for those who want to devote valuable words, but with a touch of lightness.

ring gold larimonta


Preciousness, first of all. Gold is born to exalt the yellow gold with which it is produced. With Gold, every engraved word becomes even more important.

ring silver larimonta


Give something to write and remember forever with the sparkle of Silver.

ring smalto larimonta


The charm of a dedication, with a more pop soul. Several alternatives, our basic gold and many, many colored enamels. And what are you among these?


type smalto ring larimonta

All your requests are precious, for us.