Who are the craftsmen who will make my jewelry?

LaRimonta relies on a limited number of goldsmiths of Valenza, selected on the basis of decades of experience by our shareholder Carlo Buttini who has tested them on the quality of work, respecting budgets and delivery times. Serious people who work conscientiously, like us.

I noticed that some pieces proposed on the site are 3D renderings, no photos of existing pieces. How can I be really sure of the result if everything is virtual?

The rendering that you see on the site are all from 3D projects that ensure that the object selected is sent to the laboratory with the same exact specifications to produce the prototype resin. There is no possibility of deviation. The skillful hands of a talented craftsman then ensure to obtain, from the prototype casting, a piece of high quality work.

How do you handle your shipments?

For the pick-up and delivery of the jewels Larimonta uses couriers highly specialized in shipping and handling of precious items. The shipping costs are always included in the price.
The delivery time for most of the jewels present in Boutique online varies from 7 to 15 days and is clearly indicated in the product page of each jewel.
For other jewelry, which require a tailor design or significant customization, delivery time is indicated in the quote that is sent to the customer, free of charge and without any obligation to proceed with a transaction.

In case you want to remount my jewel, is its transport properly insured against theft?

Your jewel is insured against theft, loss or damage, with no deductibles, for the amount indicated by you.
We have built a first-in-class package of transport and insurance tailored to support our corporate mission on total trust.

Your jewelry can be purchased only on your website?

Yes. LaRimonta sells only through this website. Most of the jewelry in our online Boutique can simply be purchased by inserting them in the shopping bag as described in the product page of the chosen jewel.
The purchase of jewelry still visible in the online Boutique, but requiring a custom made service can only happen after express acceptance by you of the quote that we will e-mail you, free of charge and without any obligation to conclude a transaction.

How much would it cost to remount my old jewelry?

It is impossible to tell before knowing what and how many objects you would like to create, with what materials and if you need or not any additional stones. Take your time to consider what you would like to create and send us an email: our quotes are completely free of charge and we can also suggest additional options to choose from.

Can I also have a perfect matching copy of an existing jewel?

Absolutely. We are pleased to produce your jewel according to your specifics.

I don’t want to re-use all the stones contained in my old jewelry piece. How can you deal with that?

Not a problem, the excess stones will be returned to you along with the new piece.

Can you minus the value of my previous setting from the cost of the new?

According to Italian Anti-Money Laundering legislation we are not allowed to buy gold online without the physical identification of the vendor. The original frame will be returned accompanied with a proper weight and a statement about its composition. You can, if you want, keep it or sell it without problem, confident of not being duped. LaRimonta provides the online tailoring of high standard jewelery and has no interest in cashing in on used gold.

If I am missing one or more stones needed to create the jewelery that I want, can I turn to you?

Yes of course. The value of a stone varies greatly according to a series of complex technical parameters. Once your requirements are understood we will be able to quote you a number of different pricing options that you can freely choose from.

If you are a tailor jewellery, why do I find already made items in the online Boutique section?

Our business model is based on the “tailor made” production encouraging the recovery of neglected family jewels that are not worn anymore. At the same time, having daily contacts with Valenza’s artisans, we come into contact with their productions, always handmade, some of which we select and offer to our customers. It’s only the finest pieces and always at very interesting prices, made possible by the skipping of several layers of traditional retail physical distribution.

If after purchasing your jewel I were to change my mind?

The customer who buys online jewelry, not tailor-made, has the right to cancel the contract within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the goods, without penalty and without specifying the reasons. However, you will have to pay the direct cost of returning the goods to the sender.
When the jewelry is tailor-made or personalized, the right of withdrawal is not applicable.

I noticed that the payment is made through the Pay Pal system. What if I wanted to pay by credit card or somet other way?

Payment by credit card, managed by PayPal, It is possible for amounts up to € 500. For amounts exceeding € 500 the payment method provided is a bank transfer. The procedure is very simple because you will be automatically directed to the payment system provided, based on the object you have chosen. For any other payment type, before purchasing, please contact us and we will be glad to arrange the best solution for you.

Is the Pay Pal payment system safe and secure?

PayPal is one of the most popular online payment systems, using the VeriSign Security Protocol to ensure complete safety and confidentiality. The Bank transfer is a method equally safe because it allows a precise tracking of transactions.

If, after you have remounted my jewel I change my mind, can I get it back as before?

Unfortunately, due to the bespoke nature of the design and craftsmanship that is not possible. LaRimonta is responsible for the work’s quality, according to the General Conditions but You can not change Your mind without incurring the additional costs of a brand new design and manufacturing process.

Just for some peace of mind before I send my jewels away, can I visit your offices?

Certainly. Our initiative as well as our website are based on complete transparency. On the site there are all our real references and we look forward to your visit to introduce you to our team and show you the design and rendering technologies that we have adopted.

If some of my gems are cracked or damaged can I still try to use them?

In some cases yes, and no in some other cases. We can try to guide you in the decision already in front of the picture of your object, if done well, or more probably we can only do that after the physical examination of gems. If we do not recommend to touch your old jewel as the stones could not survive the remounting, then your acceptance of the quote stops being binding and your jewel will be returned in the status quo only charging you the cost of transport.

In which kind of package will I receive my item?

All jewels are delivered in an elegant LaRimonta package which can also be perfect for a gift.

Which kind of certification is attached to your products?

Each piece of jewelery sold is accompanied by a Certificate of Guarantee, signed by LaRimonta, which describes the technical specifications of the materials and the stones used and guarantees the origin and manufacturing quality.

You can view the certificate of any product listed in the online Boutique directly into its product page.

For tailor-made jewelry the certificate is delivered together with the jewel.

Can I enscribe a word or initials inside the jewel?

Certainly. You can do what you want. We are LaRimonta and we are a goldsmith tailor. Everything can be done. You are the one to choose.

What can I do if am not happy after a purchase?

Quality is an extremely important value for LaRimonta and our products must always respond to absolute best practice goldsmith craftsmanship. For any profile of dissatisfaction we are at your disposal, either by e-mail at info@larimonta.it or by calling direct +39.0331.230.12.

Who are your partners?

To Nurture creativity, explore technologies and tools for design and visualization, communication and advanced distribution, preserving the “Made in Italy” and giving new opportunities to locals, full of specific and articulate know-how.
The meeting points between LaRimonta and the Industrial Design Department of Communication Arts and Fashion at the “Politecnico di Milano” are numerous, the constructive cooperation is in a constant state of change and growth.
LaRimonta is an Associate Member of the Confindustria Federorafi (www.federorafi.it) which represents at a national level more than five hundred industrial companies in the gold sector, which employ about six thousand personnel.
Confindustria Federorafi in turn is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (www.responsiblejewellery.com), an international not-for-profit organisation that brings together 360 member companies, engaged to promote corporate ethics, human rights and social and environmental practices in a transparent and accountable manner within the entire industry.