Memorable events and precious jewels

All our lives are a succession of events that catapult us into new situations, new adventures and new perspectives.
And each of these ones is a memorable moment, that we want to keep tight in the memories in order to put them out whenever we want or need it.

Birthday, engagement, marriage, anniversary or graduation are all events that leave an indelible mark on our lives: all those “fatal moments” that each of us live in the course of their personal journey and who wants to guard jealously in our memories.
But this is not always the case. We are not always happy to keep memories for us, often we need an object, a symbol, that accepts all the meaning of the moment we are living.

And what’s better than a precious jewel to mark these moments?

Jewellery always accompanies the most special moments of our life, precisely because they represent the importance of that event with their uniqueness and importance. Better still if they are tailored on the person who will wear it.
A gift is the symbol of intangible ties, such as the ideas, emotions and personality of a person, because it can perfectly unite this symbolic meaning with a great aesthetic value and thus at the height of the moment.

By donating a gem, we can value the importance and eternity of the moment to be celebrated, because nothing more than a precious gem can make the idea of ??the immortality of a memory.

Of course, the aesthetics has its importance, and even here, the jewel never disappoints.
As a ring, which has always been an expression of love, it has become the symbol of engagement with an indestructible stone like diamond and marriage, with a golden circle worn to the ring, a symbol of perfection and continuity of life.

But not only the rings can contribute to unforgettable moments.
Graduation, for example, is one of the favorite events to mark an important moment in someone’s life, especially if the jewel is personalized.
Receiving something unique, makes us feel precious and loved, and giving it we want to say to the person we know him/her well, so much that we can carry this knowledge into an object, but not any object: a precious jewel. Because precious is for us the person who receives it.
Since jewel is something unique and exclusive, when we give it, this becomes the symbol of the importance we confer to the person receiving it.

We in LaRimonta thought about this when we decided to start our business in the goldsmith design world.

Being able to declare the art of Italian craftsmanship in something truly exclusive for every person.
For the most varied occasions, from traditional to special occasions, a personal jewel has always been what best expresses what we would like to communicate to the other person.

From gold to platinum, passing through the diamonds, for every opportunity its jewel, the important thing is that it can express our feelings.

If you want to give something unique to the person you love, do not hesitate to contact us at the appropriate page on our website.
We are ready to help you make your moments unforgettable in a precious and exclusive object.