This is Federica's story and of how her unique customized bracelet, tailor made by LaRimonta comes to existence. Federica discovers us on Facebook and - intrigued - she explores our website right away. As she wanders through the options for the production of the personalized jewelry of the me-commerce offered by the www.larimonta.it website, Federica remembers of an old brooch her aunt left to her.


Federica calls us immediately to know more about the customization options that we at LaRimonta offer. Indeed she would love to have a personalized jewel, making good use of her precious stones with our help and the pictures that we are able to send her thanks to our tools of 3D-modeling, Federica falls in love with the idea of a modern shape of bracelet, fresh and bright as her nature.

The project is ambitious: to create a true cascade of gems, different for type, shape and color. Our specialists in gemology select a number of gemstones fit to join the existing ones and the goldsmiths of Valenza, with their great skill, begin the crafting of Federica's custom jewel.

The white gold casting of each stone is different and requires a proper one-by-one tailoring. With great skill, artisans turn, lap after lap, welding after welding, a thin white gold thread in the bracelet's complex structure.

The traditional know-how and passion of our Valenza's master goldsmiths guarantee the maximum precision and attention to details. Each stone is handled and inserted in its frame with the almost care.

As it was the case for the pick-up of her old brooch, we ask our partner Ferrari Group, the specialist for precious shipments, to deliver the Larimonta's package to Federica. Once she opens the box, Federica's happy face is worth a thousand words, she is finally able to wear her personalized jewel, which reflects both her style and her care for the memory of her dear aunt.