Our faces

emanuela buttini

Emanuela Buttini

Here I am, graduated in law and founding with Fabio, my brother Gianluca and my father, this beautiful adventure called LaRimonta. I was born into jewels, a family tradition that I never stopped loving. Not even for a moment. In 1998 I started working with my husband's company, a profound connoisseur of the world of jewels. There I deepened the dynamics that support events and communication in the jewelery world. Meanwhile, the idea of ​​a new project made room for me. An idea that has become a real need, bringing me here, at the birth of LaRimonta, for which I take care of the choice of style, jewelery research, and supplier relations. And all this is just what I imagined to do as a child.  

fabio sangiovanni

Fabio Sangiovanni

Fabio is a partner, a friend, a person to trust. After graduating in Finance at Bocconi in Milan, he began his work adventure with one of the first Italian private equity management companies (B & S Ventures). Shortly afterwards, he becomes an analyst at the Milan branch of the American bank Irving Trust Co, which then becomes The Bank of New York and then Credit Suisse. He is good at what he does, Fabio, so that the bank sends him to the International Bankers School in New York for a highly specialized master. When returning, he continues his career earlier at ABN AMRO Bank and then at The Royal Bank of Scotland where he comes to the apex role of Country Head for Italy. There are several other roles as board member in several important companies up to his current role as Resolute Asset Management, a London based real estate management company in half Europe. But the good thing is that, Fabio has a passion for another field, the jewels: so, by combining things, he decided to be among the founders of LaRimonta. And of all of this, I can only be proud.

gianluca buttini

Gianluca Buttini

Also Gianluca has always been immersed in the jewelery world, so to be among LaRimonta founders. Deeply tied to his family and the mountain, for him everything is possible. In 1989 he realized his entrepreneurial dream in the goldsmith industry, founded Luca Carati, of which he is a partner, manager and commercial development manager. Since 2010, he has joined Broggian Diffusion as a trading and shareholder, opening the company's doors to over 50 countries around the world. Tireless and fascinated by the vision of a company that can become a good to be handed down to future generations, Gianluca continues to be a point of reference for my life and for our business.

carlo buttini

Carlo Buttini

Carlo is my dad. And there could not be any better luck in my life. In 1957 he was already a master craftsman in Valenza, which allowed him to represent the Valenzan jewelers at the Universal Expo in Brussels in 1958. The appointment is an historical one, because it is the first time for the jewelry of Valenza at an event of the kind, in the Atomium. In his more than sixty years of craftsmanship, Carlo has done many things: in 1970 he was co-founder and treasurer for 25 years of the Italian Gemmological Institute and from the 80's, Vice President of Orafa Valenzana Association and Chairman of the Finance Orafa Valenza , building the structure of the Mostra Orafa in Valenza. In 1972, however, with my mum, his life and work partner, he created his very high goldsmith company, arriving in 2011 with me, Gianluca and Fabio, to LaRimonta. And even today, all his knowledge is still the most precious thing we have: a point of reference we never give up, because every day is capable of contributing to each of the many different aspects that make up our daily work and design.

emanuela buttini