The diamond, between legend and excellence

The diamond, the most sought-after stone by women, especially for any jewel: from necklaces to rings, for bracelets and brooches, but also for men to decorate cufflinks. Diamond is the symbol of elegance and stamina.

Who has never wished to wear this gem? The most brilliant and at the same time delicate stone that conquers the hearts and the accessories of the world, especially for its particular cutting technique and for the uniqueness that characterizes every object that sees the diamond protagonist.

A bit of history

Diamond is one of the many shapes that carbon can take. Founded for the first time in India, more than 6000 years ago, and immediately considered the most precious stone in the world, although only in the 19th century its popularity began to increase, in particular thanks to the major cutting and polishing techniques of the gem.

But what makes the diamond really strong is its particular hardness and strength.
It is the most durable natural existing mineral, but above all, it is known for the very high heat and fire resistance that allows it to withstand even at high temperatures such as those of a fire.

Turning diamond into jewelery gem is one of the most difficult and extremely delicate techniques that can only be done by skilled hands, otherwise this would result in a substantial loss of money. It is important, then, to know the cutting technique that can only be done with another diamond, which is why this stone is considered to be the most durable and toughest in the world.

Between legend and reality

Each precious stone has its own meaning and symbology from its own name. The diamond takes its name from the Greek word “adamai”, that is, it is not domabile, that is why it is the excellence stone, the most sought after and loved by all.

Diamond is a talisman-like lucky stone, regarded as the prerogative of princes and powerfuls because of its solid and perfect conformation that gives it great therapeutic value.
According to the legend, the birth of diamond is bound to the gods, or, these gems are the tears of the deities poured down in the sky. While, in Western Europe, the diamond would be able to keep up all the dark presence of the night.

The diamond in jewellery

The diamond is the perfect witness and the traditional symbol of unforgettable anniversaries and occasions. Purity, strength and brightness give this gem, an eternal and unique charm, which is why it is chosen for every significant occasion.

One of the most common cuts in the diamond is the round, called Brilliant: this is the cut that enhances its brightness and gleam, but it is not the only one.
Heart cut, for example, is one of the most sought after when it comes to creating a jewel that encloses feelings; or drops cut, among the most romantic; finishing with emerald cut, refined and elegant cut.

Diamond cuts are varied, but what matters most is the value we attribute to this precious stone.

LaRimonta has made diamond the stone for excellence in its creations.
Every jewel worked with this gem is designed and executed with the utmost care and delicacy that the diamond itself requires, just to express the best of its natural structure.

If you want to know all of our creations and our style, visit our portfolio and find out the benefit of wearing a diamond.