Who are the craftsmen who will make my jewel?

LaRimonta relies on a limited and selected number of goldsmith labs in Valenza, chosen on the basis of the many years of experience of our partner and founder Carlo Buttini, who has tested the quality of work, the respect of the estimated costs and the delivery times. Our partner labs are formed by serious people working consciously. Exactly how we mean our work.

How much does it cost me to re-assemble my old jewel?

Can I also produce an already existing gem, in a completely faithful way?

I do not want to use all the stones contained in my jewel. How can I do?

If after re-assembling my jewel, I change idea, can get it back as before?

If some of my gems are cracked or ruined can I still try to replenish them?

What are the production times?

Can I incise a word or initials in the jewel?

How do your shipments take place?

If, after making a purchase, I am not satisfied, how I can do it?

If I want to re-assemble my jewel, is your car secured against theft for its carriage?

Can I scale my previous frame value to the cost of the new one?

What kind of certification does your artwork match?

In what box do I receive my item?

How to pay?

But is Pay Pal payment system safe?

How does it work the order confirmation?

When is jewel sent to production?