The laboratories of Valenza. Between tradition and innovation.

“They are not therefore the craftsmanship of a time that we must pursue, but the profile and characteristics of the craftsman: his passion for the quality of work, his desire to improve in the exercise and the deepening of the techniques, his rooted presence in socially recognized practice communities.”
In Richard Sennet’s quotation is all the depth and charm of craftsmanship, which has always been an art of great value, especially in Italian tradition. The Know How and the passion of Italian artisans has created a well established tradition in our country, especially in the land of Piedmont.

Valence is the city of the goldsmith craftsmen who par excellence that exalt this tradition with their passion and wisdom in manual. The experience, the creativity and the quality of their works are a guaranteed certification for the success of an authentic and sought after object that envies the world for the very highest level of manufacturing.

Craft production and its uniqueness must respond to a market demand that needs to radically change its standards of quality of life: values ??in growth, progress and social organization of consumers.

The standard product can not meet the demands of the new social user, who feels the need to detach itself from what has been a time of globalization that has passed, marked by conformism and a conventional form of life, and therefore boring and trivial. People need to evolve their lifestyle towards the uniqueness and originality that only a high-quality artisanal product can donate.

Understanding the goodness of his own craft enables him not only to achieve unique objects of great charm and originality, but above all, he paves the way for innovation, a true essence of art.
This is what Sennet speaks about: trying to improve every day to get closer to the demand for an exacting market.

We in LaRimonta know how important it is to keep the tradition of craftsmanship art growing in the name of innovation, and, in particular, we know the world of the goldsmith tradition of craftsmen in Valenza.

This is why we have decided to devote our path to the recovery of valuable stones and the creation of precious jewelery tailor-made as the customer dreams of.

Each jewel is thought, designed and made by skilled craftsmen. We know of them, and we all know their strong point, to always guarantee the best manufactory in creating your jewel.

The skills and knowledge gained over the years provide a profound knowledge of raw materials, and this leads us to be able to work with high quality noble metals and precious stones such as diamonds.

Visit our site, discover the history of our company and craftsmen in Valenza.
To rediscover the charm of the “savoir-faire”, always maintaining the exaltation of Made in Italy and the goldsmith’s tradition.