MILANO FINANZA June,30th 2012

MILANO FINANZA June,30th 2012

"From banker to web jeweler"

"From investment banking to jewelery on web. Unlike so many former colleagues, as a result of the crisis after Lehman have reinvented a job, founding consulting or investment boutique, the former country executive for RBS in Italy, Fabio Sangiovanni, became a businessman of the jewel, founding Larimonta srl, of which has 51%. The remaining capital is headed instead to Carlo and Emanuela Buttini, father and daughter, with a solid background in the jewelry sector; in 1973 Carlo was a founder of the 'Italian Gemological Institute' of which has been treasurer for 25 years and then he coated prominent roles in the 'Valenza's Goldsmith Association' and in the 'Valenza's Goldsmith Financial'. LaRimonta is an "online tailored Jewelery" that gives customers the ability to create custom jewelry with stones of recovery, thanks to the latest CAD programs."


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