"Born the me-commerce of the jewel with recovery precious stones" 

"It 's now active the website http://www.larimonta.it, the first online tailored goldsmith in Italy and Europe, which is notable for the recovery of valuable hard stones, imprisoned in the family jewelery, no more wearable. The website http://www.larimonta.it allows to give a new look to the joys of family, realizing around retrieved precious stones, new jewelery highly customized, to valorize objects full of emotions and memories and to give them a second life. LaRimonta it combines the potential for interaction and web communication, advanced computer tools for design CAD ​​and the wisdom of the goldsmiths of Valenza to offer the customer a new service. Providing a picture of the existing jewel and indicating through a forms, ideas, preferences and expectations in the transformation of its object, the specialized team of LaRimonta will guide the client through the fascinating world of jewelry design to define in a targeted manner the unreleased jewel to create. Designing objects unique in terms of type, style and size, the trusted craftsmen of LaRimonta transforms any dream into reality adding to each piece of jewelry, as well as their great know-how, the visible love for their craft, creating objects without time and "Made in Italy" quality." 


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