www.ELLE.it July,19th 2012

www.ELLE.it July,19th 2012

"Jewels 2.0: when tailoring goldsmith is online"                

"Diamonds, rubies and emeralds: the eternal beauty of the gemstones relives an ultra-contemporary interpretation with a renewed idea of jewel. It's LaRimonta (www.larimonta.it) the online tailoring goldsmith which has decided to give new life to the valuable stones, imprisoned in the family precious and no longer wearable, through their recovery and reuse for new jewelry. The Novelty? Building them on his own, (web) home-made, directly from home pc or tablet. This way everyone can recreate a joy in his image and likeness, in line with his mood and totally unique. Just a few clicks to design a whole new jewel, after entering the number and type of gems available, which will be realized in Valenza's jewelry atelier. A revolutionary concept that unites to me-commerce the idea of tailoring and luxury and fits into a real trend that wants fashion more and more web 2.0."


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