www.ilgiornaledellusso.it January 17th, 2013

www.ilgiornaledellusso.it January 17th, 2013

"TheReassembles (LaRimonta) of luxury starts from tailoring goldsmith of recovery..."

"...and from the me-commerce of jewel: online was born the first tailoring goldsmith of Italy and Europe. A little "family jeweler", very boutique international TheReassembles (LaRimonta) or the-detached-reassembles. Yes, of the business. Of the luxury market. Of that hard of luxury who has also hit the gold industry. With the lean times that run there are those who buy. There are those who sell. But then there are those also who decide to invest in the classic "recovery". Not recycling. Attention. If the sartoriality and tailor-made cutting are the ultimate of excellence and exclusivity. If the tailor-made is the true element of historicity and uniqueness of an object, then even chisel a product to give it a new life can become a winning proposition in an increasingly saturated market of tricks and novelty. Or like these. In a few words, after the cobblers-craftsmen and online solutions designed to give new luster to luxury shoes that were once, now there is the same type of service also in jewelery format. LaRimonta.it, this is its name, itself define as "the first tailoring goldsmith online in Italy and Europe, which is notable for the recovery of hard stones of value, imprisoned in the family jewels no more wearable." A "me-commerce of the jewel with precious stones of recovery." That you select. Are welded. Are mounted to make it less old-fashioned that jewel of the grandmother; to customize a necklace left abandoned for years at the bottom to the casket; to give back potential to a joy that in time it was not more. On paper, the expertise is one of those exciting. Manufacturing is by the work of the goldsmiths of Valenza, "dragons" of the goldsmith art "made ​​in Italy", and the communication and interaction with the web are entrusted to a "dot IT" site, on which you can see the rendering of jewel that will be, through the use of advanced tools for computer-aided design (CAD 3D virtual modeling). To architects and designers, for instance. All backed by a team of experts to guide the guest step by step in choosing and thus in the development of a new timeless jewel and of quality. This is the ambition. The present instead is a "me-commerce" made of inspirations drawn from the trends of fashion and design, attention to the willingness to respond to individual needs and requires increasingly higher and higher, in compliance with the new lifestyles of the modern consumer , which is a mid-top spenders always moving, willing to make purchases in times of break and mostly just a click away, without sacrificing the quality and guarantee of a name like the name of the goldsmith art of Valenza. Guarantee of good workmanship, tradition, quality are the first mountboard of a safe investment. Investment that also means retain raw materials and precious stones already owned by the customer, whether in the name of protecting the environment and certain ethical and social values ​​(we speak of the danger of the extraction of precious stones new) whether as ideal conservation of stones and the world of affections. "Only a stone worn is a stone really valorized. Make it wearable giving her a congenial dress to their own style is a tribute to those who have passed on "- we learn from the web site of LaRimonta from which, in a few clicks, you can learn how is the service offered by them. But there's more. There is a guarantee of the bond with Federorafi. There are certificates of quality and the faces of the connoisseurs. Then, given the times we live in, even if those are not enough to make believe, there is the large shop window of the boutique online, the notice board of tenders with the "occasions of Valenza" as well as remain the comments of the customers. And you know, word of mouth is the unique best (the)Reassembles for a successful business."


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