www.milady-zine.net Jenuary,2th 2013

www.milady-zine.net Jenuary,2th 2013

"LaRimonta, the online tailoring goldsmith, for personalized jewelry"

"You can also use your own stones to create new jewelry. For those who want the custom jewelry for herself or as a gift, now you can have it even if you do not have a trusted jeweler, simply by connecting to the Internet and by clicking on www.larimonta.it. LaRimonta is, in fact,  the online tailoring goldsmith  that not only offers a wide selection of jewelry created by the goldsmiths of Valenza, but also allows to make tailored  jewelry entirely new or ​​with recovery stones (for this is called LaRimonta). LaRimonta, therefore, makes tailored jewelry based on the ideas and suggestions of the customer. Collaborating with him the design is refined  to finalize a 3D render of the jewel which then will be implemented in the laboratories of the goldsmiths of Valenza. As mentioned, the customer can also choose to reuse stones already in his possession , inherited or coming from family jewelry to which he wants to give new life. No doubt a quick and convenient way to have exactly the jewel of your dreams."


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