www.moda24.ilsole24ore.com February, 14th 2013

www.moda24.ilsole24ore.com February, 14th 2013

"With Larimonta.it it is online the first  tailoring goldsmith of recovery"

"Even if  a sapphire that belonged to Alexander II of Scotland, another from a ring of Edward the Confessor and a ruby that shined on the helmet of Henry V are set on Britain's imperial crown , then there is hope for the old brooch  of the grandmother, who is going to end up buried in jewelry because far too old-fashioned to be worn. For some time the 'recycling' of jewelry is no longer just the prerogative of royalty, as a choice dictated by modernity: on the one hand, in fact, is an original response to the freezing of precious consumption imposed by the crisis (according to Intesa Sanpaolo, Italy in 2012, the market fell by 14%), on the other is a choice of sustainability, because recycle precious metals and gems is much more environmentally friendly than extracting new ones. Two trends that a new company has gathered, with foresight, on the web. «We are online for six weeks, and so far we have received thirty orders», says Emanuela Buttini, 43, who with his father Carlo and a family's friend, Fabio Sangiovanni, is driving Larimonta.it, the first site of " tailoring goldsmith of recovery". An idea born from a long experience in the jewelry world, as Carlo Buttini, born in Valencia in 1937 and active in the field since he was twenty years old, as well as having her own brand, was also among the founders of the Italian Gemmological Institute and at the top of the Italian goldsmiths Association of Valenza. The partner Fabio, however, comes from the world of finance («but it has fled», says Emanuela). Looking at the evolution of the market, not only goldsmith, in 2011 gave birth to the society from which then was born the site, launched in its final version by just one month. And it works like this: who owns an old jewel and wants to use it to create a new one must fill out an online form, and attach a photo, describing his desired and includes a budget, which can range from under 500 to over 5 thousand euro. «At that point we move the material to the internal designer, who using CAD software and 3D renderings to create proposals that will be sent to the customer», says Emanuela. «Once made ​​the decision, we go at our own expense to collect the jewel and we switch the work to the goldsmiths of Valenza, six in particular, with whom my father is in close contact. Finally, we send the new creation».  Easy, fast (you receive the finished product in about two weeks), to Larimonta.it seems to be a perfect system. «Yet many people still do not trust to send their jewelry, despite our systems are completely safe, and above all to contact a company that lives entirely online», says Emanuela. «And then there is the problem of the budget: there is a crisis and feels, and it happens often that come to us demands for very valuable  jewellery with a very low budget. The creativity of the designers of the artisans is put to the test, but so far we have managed to satisfy everyone». Larimonta.it also offers new products, an online boutique with the creations of the district, «but even here it is hard to sell the most valuable pieces», continues Emanuela, which also tells how at the beginning they tried to make arrangements with the jewelers, to enter the traditional retail circuit, «But without success: since most of their work is the recovery of ancient precious, let's say that they have not wanted to give up the business», she adds. The goal now is to European customers with a greater spending capacity and for which it is in the pipeline the English version of the website: «Our headquarter is in Malpensa Business Park, 90 km from Valenza . Perfect for shipments»."


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