www.npmagazine.it February, 11th 2013

www.npmagazine.it February, 11th 2013

"Larimonta, the ring with the secret dedication"

"Wedding or Valentine's Day, birthday, baptism or any other occasion to leave a special message to a special person. With "Secret Dedication Ring" Larimonta, online tailoring jewelery, offers a surprising  jewel from the contemporary minimalist charm, customizable with hidden messages. Realized as a composition of two concentric rings, one of which is housed inside the other, the jewel it opens thanks to a refined and invisible mechanical solution. Offsetting the two rings it turns out the customer's personal message engraved in the laboratories of the goldsmiths of Valenza using advanced laser technologies capable of tracking very thin spellings of different style.  Available in yellow, white, pink, black or brown or silver, the ring can be ordered via the web where, when ordering, you can specify the message and style to be engraved. Donating a valuable message and staff has never been easier."


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