www.STYLECULT.it December, 19th 2012

www.STYLECULT.it December, 19th 2012

"LaRimonta: tailoring jewelry always special"         

"Borns LaRimonta, the online tailoring goldsmith that offers an unprecedented variety of ideas for jewels always specials. On the one hand, LaRimonta offers the opportunity to tailor make jewelry with stones entirely new or recovery - from this option the name of LaRimonta. On the other hand, LaRimonta provides access to the little treasures of the goldsmiths of Valenza and offers them in its Boutique online: sought objects at prices not to be missed. With this diverse range of tailored and special jewelry,  LaRimonta arises itself as a website for the sale of jewelry that focuses on the customer and his requirements and therefore an ideal ally for all the most important events - from engagement to marriage, from San Valentino at Christmas, from birthdays to simple “thanks a lot.” TAILORED JEWELRY AND RECOVERY OF STONES LaRimonta makes tailored jewelry based on the ideas and suggestions of the customer. In close contact with the customer, LaRimonta refines the design to finalize a 3D render of the jewel. The object physically take shape in the laboratories of the goldsmiths of Valenza. For the realization of individual jewel, the customer can choose whether to use entirely new materials or, and is a LaRimonta distinctive service, to incorporate stones already at its disposal, from jewelry inherited or received as a gift, but that no longer represent his style . BOUTIQUE ONLINE  For those who are looking for exclusivity in design, choice of materials and extremely high quality workmanship but does not require an exclusive jewel made on specific request, LaRimonta opened its Boutique online with many thematic message boards, including Valenza’s Opportunities and Valuable Jewelry . Into Valenza’s Opportunities, the customer will find valuable jewelry at extremely low prices, while Valuable Jewelry are unique and they make itself loved like a treasure found in the safes of the artisans of Valenza. MADE IN ITALY QUALITY  LaRimonta is a business project based on the analytical glance of behavioral trends and fashion, supported by a formidable passion for the goldsmith’s art. Two of the three founding partners come from a family of Valenza where the passion for the jewel  has been handed down for generations. LaRimonta aims to bring the goldsmith’s art in homes, to give a second life to the little family treasures, to evolve a tradition  as the one goldsmith of Valenza launching it in the third millennium, the Internet age and of the world of virtual modeling 3D. LaRimonta is the first online tailoring goldsmith in Italy and in Europe to offer the recovery of its precious stones and the creation of highly customized precious jewelry, with  new or salvaged gems. Established in 2011 and launched online in the spring of 2012 by Carlo Buttini, goldsmith of Valenza, by Emanuela Buttini, daughter of art, and by Fabio Sangiovanni, inspired former investment banker, LaRimonta allows the customer to choose the configuration and materials that most reflect his style and to make jewelry that re-valorizes precious stones owned by him or, upon request, new. Modern CAD software, 3D renderings, interaction facilitated by the internet combine then to offer a new model of tailoring goldsmith, where the customer chooses a project in a modern and efficient way, which is then run as a single piece with the hand craftsmanship by skilled artisans of the gold district of Valenza."


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